Thursday, April 20, 2017

Revised ALLC Constitution, Bylaws and other documents

The Governance Implementation Team continues its work of revising the ALLC Constitution and Bylaws documents. As of this date the Southwestern Synod has approved the documents in an initial screening, and they will be voted on at the Southwestern Synod Meeting in early May, 2017. The draft documents are dated 03/28/2017, and you can review them by using the links below.

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Draft Bylaws document:

Draft Constitution document:

The expected timeline for the advancement of the Governance project is as follows:
  • April-May 2017—Small group educational presentations about the recommended operational changes and the constitutional changes based on revisions to the governance documents.
  • May 5, 2017—The documents will be voted on by the Southwestern Synod Assembly. They voted for approval.
  • May 21, 2017—Special congregational meeting to vote for approval of documents previously approved by the Southwestern Synod.
  • November 12, 2017—The Abiding Love congregation will vote to ratify the changed governance structure per revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws.
This timeline is not set in stone, but the Governance Team hopes that congregation members will see the benefit of the proposed changes and approve the new documents.

Additional resources to educate yourself on the history and details of the governance change project, documents, and operational changes are available at the following links:

Comparison of Constitution Chapters 10-14

Executive Summary:


Areas of Ministry Chart

Governance Presentation Slide Set

Ask questions of the Governance Team*, officers and Council members. Let’s prayerfully consider this important step in moving forward into a new chapter in the life of our faith community

* George Glaser (Chair)
   Brad Highum
   Steve Kikta
   Kurt Lowe
   Dale Sump 
   Liz Segner -Zarate
   Pat Shields (ex officio)
   Dick Moeller (consultant)